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Controlled exits are one of the main events to think about when considering how long to keep your photographer at your reception. Controlled exists, or in other words bride and groom send offs, are definitely a popular topic. First, let’s decide which bride/groom/couple you are. Close your eyes, and imagine your wedding night. You are […]

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Terrain Devon Yard Wedding

” We booked ____ venue, have you shot there before?” I get asked this question a lot by my potential clients. Although it might give a bride and groom a sense of security if their wedding photographer is familiar with their venue, it shouldn’t be a deal breaker if they aren’t. As a photographer it […]

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When it comes to your wedding day, the saying “Its all in the details” rings true. Details are what brings the day together, and gives you the chance to customize your wedding day to fit you and your fiance the way that you want it. As a photographer it is my job to capture those […]