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Example: 8 Hours of two photographer coverage 1:00PM – Final Details & Getting Ready Photos 2:00PM – 2:15PM – First Look 2:15PM – Bride & Groom Photos 3:00PM – Bridal Party Photos 3:30PM – Family Photos (get as many photos done of family before the reception. Tell your family ahead of time to be there and […]

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Worried about missing your cocktail hour when you don’t have a first look? Here is your solution! One of my most asked questions from my couples is how can we not have a first look and still attend our cocktail hour. They are torn between no seeing each other before the ceremony, and wanting to […]

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Controlled exits are one of the main events to think about when considering how long to keep your photographer at your reception. Controlled exists, or in other words bride and groom send offs, are definitely a popular topic. First, let’s decide which bride/groom/couple you are. Close your eyes, and imagine your wedding night. You are […]