I'm a wife, mother of two, and wedding photographer living in Pennsylvania. For nearly a decade, I've captured life's precious moments, a passion ignited in high school with film photography. Though a scholarship tempted me, I adventured to California at 18, spending three unforgettable years there. College added film and portfolio development to my toolkit, and countless hours were lost in the darkroom, fueled by early Taylor Swift jams. The shift to digital left a film-shaped hole, recently filled by a medium format camera and a supportive photography friend. Since second-shooting weddings in 2011, I've documented love stories, engagements, and everyday moments, diving into the Pennsylvania market in 2018. Here, I've met incredible couples and vendors, but the best part is truly getting to know my clients – our conversations range from favorite shows to honeymoon destinations, because for me, it's about capturing you, not just your picture.