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Controlled exits are one of the main events to think about when considering how long to keep your photographer at your reception. Controlled exists, or in other words bride and groom send offs, are definitely a popular topic.

First, let’s decide which bride/groom/couple you are. Close your eyes, and imagine your wedding night. You are about to leave your reception and you have two options. First, you just leave when you want to leave its your party and you can do what you want. Second, all of the remaining guests line up outside while you run through a tunnel (most likely sparkler filled) to your transportation, and off to your hotel for the night. Which one did you picture yourself in? If it was the second then, this blog is for you.

If you pictured yourself getting sent off with your new husband/wife, then you have a few things to consider when booking your photographer. One note I will mention is that your guests with have their phones. There is no way around it. So, there will be some sort of photos of the event, whether you ask the photographer to stay or not. Now, if printing it to hang in your living room is important to you then I would consider having your photographer stay until your send off is complete.

There are two options that you have when it comes to coverage for controlled exits. First, the obvious having your photographer stay for the entire reception. Second, doing a mock exit with some close friends or bridal party. Doing a mock exit allows for you to capture the moment, and allowing for you to budget less time that the photographer is at the reception. If dancing photos aren’t really your thing, but you want an exit captured, then a mock exit is right for you. It is also budget friendly, or lets you use your photographers time elsewhere.

Questions to ask yourself when considering a controlled exit:

  • Are dancing photos important to you?
  • Did you picture yourself having your send off professionally captured?
  • Do you wish to sneak away from your reception for sunset/night shots?
  • Did you picture yourself not really taking photos at the reception and just enjoying the party?
  • What will your budget allow?
  • Do you like sparklers?

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