Addy Rae Update

Since I have officially gotten back into the groove of things since the end of our big RV trip, I thought I would write this blog post as a reflection on our past travels.

First off, I miss the RV. Never thought I would say I miss living in a small space with my significant other, but I do. I loved being able to travel to a new place everyday and really explore the U.S. Everyone keeps asking us what our favorite part of the trip was, and I always answer with Crater Lake. Not just because we got engaged there but because of how beautiful it is. I would definitely go back again and really explore. However, the more I think about what my favorite, the more I change my mind. It wasn't really that I had a favorite part, but a favorite person to experience it with. ( I know queue the sappy music) My favorite part was the memories that Patrick and I made along the way, and the fact that we were able to really explore together. I am so lucky to have someone to share these adventures with, and cannot wait for the many more. One of the greatest things that I learned over the last few months, is that travel is good for the soul. Even if you don't have the travel bug, I think that it is good to get out there and put yourself outside of your comfort zone. Experience new things, create new obstacles for yourself, and explore. I enjoyed every minute of our RV trip, and I cannot wait to plan our next road trip. 

For now, its back to work for me, and to school for Patrick. Addy Rae photo has officially started booking weddings for the 2018 season, and I cannot wait to get it started! 

Planning your own RV trip?


  1. There were multiple locations where we wish we had towed a car behind our RV. The next trip we take we are going to make sure that we have a car with us.
  2. Go with the flow. We had planned our trip down to the location we will be everyday. While on the trip we decided to change things up and stay two nights in Lake Tahoe. We ending up loosing a deposit on another campground, however staying in Tahoe made up for it. We also made a short two hour stop in Napa, which was totally unplanned but so worth it. My best word of advice is leave some wiggle room in your itinerary. Changing it up was the best thing we did.
  3. Don't think you have to always be on the move. We had a very busy travel schedule with tons of stops along the way, but some of our most relaxing times where spent when we were able to stay in one place for multiple days.