Rocks And Craters

Well, we are on the road again after a long visit in Wyoming. On our way through Idaho we visited Craters of the Moon. It literally looked like we had driven to another planet. It is volcanic rock that has spread across the land like a blanket for miles. Somehow plants grow there and there are even caves. 

Once we had crossed into Oregon we were very surprised. For most of our drive through eastern Oregon it looked like we were in a desert (the area is actually called the High Desert). Not really what you would expect when you think of Oregon. It wasn't until we reached the Deschutes National Forest that we started to see the landscapes we expected to see. 

We stayed overnight next to the Crane Prairie Reservoir. In the morning we got up and cooked breakfast in the cast iron skillet, and I walked to the water and took the picture you see below. It was beautiful, but we didn't care for the amount of mosquitos in the park. Patrick has been on the hunt for them in our RV ever since. 

After our morning breakfast we started our journey to Crater Lake National Park. It was a short drive from the campsite, only an hour and a half, which was nice compared to what our drives have been so far. We entered the park and went to the first lookout we could find on the West side of the lake. I got out of the RV first while Patrick changed into pants before joining me. The view was breathtaking. Probably the best view we have seen so far. The water was the brightest blue, surrounded by green trees and patches of snow. After taking a few pictures on my own, Patrick joined me and mentioned that we should walk up to a high view point. What happens next I never expected. We reach the top and take a few more photos, and are apart from the few people below enjoying the view.  I turn to walk back down the hill towards the RV. Patrick calls my name, and when I turn around he is getting down on one knee. I immediately realize what is happening and start crying. I even ask him if he is serious a few times (of course he is serious, dummy). The rest is a little fuzzy, between my ugly crying and barely hearing what he said. I said yes before he even asked. Once he asked, I kissed him, said yes again, and gave him a huge hug. It was the proposal of my dreams and I cannot wait for what our future holds. Don't mind me while I'm up on cloud nine for the rest of our trip. Crater Lake has been my favorite location so far and you can all guess why. 

P.S. We got our water heater to work, and showers have been amazing. We are starting to get the hang of this RV living.