Up And Down The Mountains We Go...

The past few days we have covered a lot of ground and elevations. This post is going to be packed with stops. After Bodega Bay we decided to go to Lake Tahoe for two nights, though we had initially planned to go to Yosemite National Park. We decided against visiting Yosemite since we didn't have much time to explore the park, and we weren't sure if we would be able to drive the RV into the valley. We also thought it would be better to take a separate trip dedicated to Yosemite since there is so much to offer. 

On our way to Lake Tahoe we decided to stop in Napa. It was a spur of the moment thing and I am so glad we did. Although hot, Napa was very beautiful and a lot larger that you might think. We saw vineyards and wineries everywhere we looked. We visited Silverado Winery (mostly for the reviews about the amazing views I found online). We felt like the Clampettes driving up the winery driveway with our 23 foot RV. Our very small knowledge of wine didn't help us fit in any better. During our tasting in the winery we met an employee that really helped us get some basic knowledge about the art of wine. He also happened to be from the Lake Tahoe area and was able to recommend activities and places to eat while we were there. 

Lake Tahoe is divided by the California-Nevada border. The lake is about 72 miles around. It has clean, clear blue waters and in some areas you can see all the way to the bottom. We decided to rent kayaks at Sand Harbor. For half a day we kayaked, docked on rocks along the shore, and swam around the lake. We ended our day with Moe's BBQ by the water, and a relaxing evening in the RV. Lake Tahoe was amazing and I definitely want to come back and visit again. 

After Lake Tahoe we drove to Mammoth Lakes. It was a short stay but the drive was beautiful. Once we parked at our campsite we walked to a local brewery and grabbed some food. It was a very sweet town with awesome views. The next day we started our trek down to Las Vegas. To get there we took the road through Death Valley. On the way we saw the craziest people participating in a run across Death Valley. It was hot even in the RV, and I could not imagine running in the desert heat. 

I know what you are thinking: An RV in Vegas? Well, that's a little odd. We're not here to go clubbing and gamble, though we did visit Fremont Street for fun last night. We are actually picking up a few extra travelers at the airport today, and are continuing our journey to the Grand Canyon. One memorable moment about Las Vegas was that we were able to get In-N-Out Burger. Confession: We already went to In-N-Out on our way to Lake Tahoe, but I persuaded Patrick to go again. Who doesn't love In-N-Out? I had to document it. 


Sewer cap for the RV lost somewhere on a Napa Valley road.

Sunglasses lost in Lake Tahoe waters.