Bad To The Bone


We arrived at our campsite around 8:50 PM. This was our first time operating and staying in the RV overnight. First off we successfully hooked up the water hose and plugged in the electricity. We were so very proud of ourselves with that accomplishment. It wasn't until a couple hours later, noticing our fresh water tank almost empty, and our battery very low, that we realized that you actually have to turn on the water and the electricity to get it to the RV. On the other hand we were able to successfully deploy the awning, set up the grill and cook a wonderful dinner. Our next feat is trying to figure out the water heater. We will keep you posted. 


Checkout a few of the highlights of our stops below. 


So far during this trip the Badlands surprised me the most, and might also be my favorite. It was storming on and off throughout our drive through the park, which created a masterpiece of colors in this beautiful landscape. 


When we arrived at Mt. Rushmore it was 8:15 PM and had started to rain. So we did what any prepared hiker would do and geared up to deal with the rain. As we were walking up to the monument the rain cleared and the sun started to peek through. This made for the best photos. It almost looks like the presidents are crying. Mt. Rushmore (and the scenic drive to get there) added to what had already been a great first day of our adventure.


It was 7:00 AM when we arrived at Crazy Horse. We were the first ones there. After parking we took a few photos and walked over to the visitors center. Here we watched an educational video on the Ziolkowski family, the children of the man who began sculpting Crazy Horse in the 1940s. They have taken on the insane task of maintaining and developing this Memorial.