The Adventures of A & P: Packing

Ugh Packing...

That is what most people think about when they get ready for a trip. Me on the other hand, I am one of those excited packers! I sometimes pack WAY too early. Its only because I am excited for what is to come. I haven't posted in a while about our trip, so I thought what better than to post about some of the items we are bringing on the trip with us! 

DSC_2249 copy.jpg


I was convinced by an employee at the photography store that I needed this hiking camera bag by MindShift, and I am so glad that I was. Not only is it light weight, but it also can hold a camel back, laptop, and has a compartment for your camera that pulls out into its own bag. It is perfect for day hikes and also a great weekend bag!


I have a new found love for micro fiber towels. For our trip we decided to bring these along rater than regular towels for showering. They are so much smaller when folded which is perfect when it comes to packing light. They also dry very quickly. 


Lets talk about cameras for a second. In a perfect world I would get a Sony a7RII for my trip. It is the mirrorless camera of my dreams! It is compact and perfect for traveling, and exactly what I would recommend to anyone looking for a mirrorless.  There are more affordable mirrorless cameras on the market as well, but I have my sights set on that sony one day. However, I am taking along a trusty side kick my D7100, and a 24mm lens. This camera body and lens duo is slightly more compact. Also a bit more travel friendly than my other gear. 


We also have an Eno hammock on our packing list. Who wouldn't love to lay in a hammock after a hike through a National Park?! This was a gift to us, and I wouldn't even have thought about getting one before now. I know think every hiking trip bag should have one in it. 

A few other miscellaneous items:

Sunscreen stick, and butter

Lip salve

Hiking boots

Blender bottle for protein shakes after a long hike

Speed light flash for my camera

New hard drive for storing the many photos I will take

Over the shoulder camera strap

Fan for nights in the RV

Instax Mini photo album




A perfect travel guide! Every road trip needs a little guidance along the way. I am so excited to explore these secrets! 


Chacos are a must have on a National Park road trip! I just received this lovely pair in the mail and they are just as comfy as they look! 


I received this camera as a gift from my sister. No road trip is complete without Polaroid documentation!


XO - Addy