The Adventures of A & P

Now that the news is out about our big move, Patrick and I are here to share some even more exciting news! We are going on the road trip of a lifetime! We will be traveling for a month by RV to 11 states, visiting National Parks, truck stops, and random back roads along the way. I can barely contain my excitement. We have been planning this trip since 2016, and it is all starting to finally come together. I wanted to document our journey and what better way to do that than right here. So here it goes...

So, let's start from the beginning. We knew that we would be moving to a new state, and with that we would be living in this state for quite some time with Patrick going to school. We had both agreed that we wanted to take a trip before it all started. At first, we were going to try to travel somewhere far away, such as Europe. Then, the idea of an RV trip came about when spotted RVs while driving to a Notre Dame game last year. From there our imagination took off. We didn't own an RV and looked into renting one, buying, or trying to find a family member's to borrow. After we went down that road, we thought, "Why don't we just buy a school bus and build our own?" However, that was short lived. Although it is still a dream, we wouldn't have had enough time to renovate and get it done before the move (AND we would have no idea how to even renovate anything). So, we settled on renting and moved on to our next question: where?

We weren't always set on going the route that we have picked out. We went through a lot of drafts with this route, and I mean A LOT. At one point we were going to go from Maine onto Canada and come down to the US from Vancouver. We quickly decided that this route would be a little too intense for us. We also were going to do a short stint in Canada after Montana. However, the amount of driving we would do to get there just seemed better spent trucking on through Idaho and Oregon (we decided our Canada trip would come another day). Overall, I am so happy with our route and where we will be headed.

For now, that is all that I will share. However, I have my hiking bag, tripod, and camera gear all ready to go explore and take as many photos as I can. So stay tuned. 

-ADDY (and Patrick)


Wanting to plan a trip like this? Here are some things that we have learned so far to help you along the way. Happy Planning! 

  • When planning a trip like this, don't be afraid to explore the more "crazy" routes (for example our mostly Canadian route). Even though it was quickly changed I am still glad that we explored the options and didn't feel any regret from the choice that we made. 
  • Plan early. I cannot stress enough how much less stressful this was for us because we started planning early. We had the time to change up the route when we needed to, or when it no longer made sense to take a path that we had planned. 
  • Use a road trip/map tool. We are using Roadtrippers. I ended up finding it after some googling and it has been awesome. Not only is it a nice visual, but you can use it to estimate mileage and gas costs, easily re-arrange your route and find lodging and attractions along the way. It even gives you directions during your trip.